These past few days have just been wow. Words can’t describe it. First something finally went my way, then I got to spend the weekend with the twins even tho the man was sick Saturday, and yesterday I found out i am going to be unit controller for my SES  unit. And today is the twins 4th birthday.
They are at day care for the day but they where so excited in the morning.

Seeing their smile and unwrap their presents where so cool, each year it gets better and better because they start understand what a birthday is.

I have spend more of the day while the twins are at day care putting izzy present together 


Took over 2 hours and now my fingures hurt! 

Still have to wrap a few presents for tonight for them and also finish James bike off. 

But what fun!!  

I also have SES training tonight so I’m a bit sad I’ll miss the twins going to bed tonight but I have the hole day with them tomorrow. 🙂 

Look out for more photos of their birthday over the next few days 🙂 


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