Woman + Empowerment


How does strong empowered creativity woman sound?

I think it sounds like the next learning curve. Woman these days are taking a stand. We are rising up and using our voices.

We are coming out as priestess, witches, healers, health coaches, independent, loud and proud, defining the way we want to feel, look and be seen. Using the voices that have stayed so silent for so many years.

Being able to step filling in our feminine traits and fully express + show the world is something that sits so deep with me. I think it’s fantastic that woman are making sure they are seen as equal to men, saying that sexual harassment is not ok in any form to anyone, we are being seen as leaders, bread winners and change makers of the world.

The terms I mentioned above have slowly become less taboo, woman are remembering how we as woman once stood together and helped supported + worked loving side by side. We didn’t judge or turn our backs on one another. We didn’t seek out another woman just to betray them. We had trust and that trust couldn’t be broken.

I am luckily that slowly over the past year an half my remembrance has gotten stronger. I am beginning to learn to trust other woman more and have faith that they will be there for me. I am able to connect with woman on a much more deeper level. I’ve even gone into business with other woman and we are all their to support, encourage and love one another ( See Gratitude Gang page) which is actually something I never thought I would do! A business that upholds my values as a women. I also get to do something that is exciting and lights me up.

Being inspired by so many amazing women is a dream come true! I love connecting and sharing with every woman I meet. I feel myself growing by embracing so much of the side I had fought for so long to hide. Becoming who I am is so much more then I ever could imagine. I find so much empowerment in using my voice to help those that are still finding theirs. Using my voice to help and educate those around me but mostly to show my daughter that woman deserve the right to be empowered. We deserve the right to be here in this world, making it a much better place!

I find a sense on belonging. 

I find a place of love. 

I find a place of gratitude.

This new stage of woman is so magical and warming. This place of empowerment is something no-one is going to be able to stop. We are rising up as one. We are standing side by side and using our voices as one. And I am so glad that I get to raise both my kids in this new world and a new way of thinking. I am glad they get to witness the change and be apart of the discovery with me.

So I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me, that you too will stand and use your voice. That you will join arms with the women around you, connect, love and grow together. Be amazing, crazy, loud EMPOWERED women.

I would love to know how the word empowerment sits with you, how it feels to be on a new journey of discovery for us as women, how being the voice of change is something magical. Let me know below, i’d love to hear.




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