Where Have I Been???

I have been missing in action so to speak. Well not if you follow my Instagram and I did do Vlogtober (ekkk, Still learning all the goes along with vlogging) but on my blog I have been less then active. I have completely ignored it. I took a big break.

Sometimes it is hard, I started to really second guess myself on my writing and if anyone actullly reads this blog becuase who knows. I also started to relook at the way my blog was heading and what had been put on it.

There were two main reason for me being MIA they going along with the changes to the blog-

1/Little to none photos of the twins

Basically I have been through my past posts and also on my Instargram And completely taken all photos of the twins down. Why might you ask well for two resons. ONE being that a month ago their “father” decided to blow up my socal media messages with a rant of his versions of events as well as a whole heap of bullshit, which scared the living hell out of me. I didnt even think he could find this place of mine but thanks to facebook and it linking something from my facebook page he found it. And I freaked out. I deleted the facebook page, took down my youtube channel, jumped on here and took down all post relating to/had lots of photos of the twins and then went through my whole instagram feed deleting photos. Now you might think ‘ she is just freaking out calm the hell down’ but to me it hit hard. I have wokred so hard to remove him from our lives I really didnt want him to worm his way back in, but as always the universe has another lesson for me to learn.TWO- Once I had calmed down a few days later it hit me that I actually didnt care. And I did create a new vlogging channel and decided to contunie to do what I love. However I actually like that fact that the twins are no longer the main focus. They of course are still apart of the vlogs and in some photos but I am going to be focusing more on me, health and wellness, my spiritual path and lifestyle. So please dont expect to see loads of content about my twins becasue I have changed the way this blog and all my social media is going.

2/ I needed time to recenter

I need time. I really wanted to focus on doing vlogging more and I felt a huge connection to that. I think ia ma doing ok, I am learning as I am going and I am happy to put out there my truest self that is not edited down and changed. But I also just needed time recenter myself. I need to work out if I actually wanted to keep blogging and keep doing what I have beeing doing. I need to find my pasion and love for it again. Sometimes we need to miss things to find out just how much we love it. And that is what the past two and half months has done for me. I have missed it. I want to come back to the place that is mine and only mine. It has my words coming from the pages, my thoughts and feeling, my health tips, my spiritual path and learnings my lifestyle goals and plans. But I just needed to take the pressure of me and figure it out, make sure I am feeling happy with it.


Those are the main reason I have been MIA ,also due to poor time mangement has also prevented me from actually putting in the time. As well as all the other excuess I could make. Because trust me I could but I just needed time to rest and rebrand.

I am really excited to be back and I have a few plans in my head but also I just want to share my life with you all.

For YouTube my vlogs will be uploaded on a Tuesday, Thursday and one more day which I havent decided on yet… Most likely on a Saturday. They will be daily vlogs, me talking to the camera, random crap and what ever the hell I feel like 🙂

I am also going to focus a huge section on Health. Thus being Mental, physical and Food heath!

I am so happy you have stuck with me and I really hope you enjoy the changes to the blog and also to my soical  media

The links to my social media are-



Facebook Page



Light and Love


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