What I packed for a night away 

This weekend I spent Saturday night away from home. I had a course for the SES on the Sunday and it was a 2 1/2 hour drive so they put us up for night. 

When I pack, I pack a lot and most of it I won’t use but hey if I have it then I won’t need it! 


This bag is actually a new bag the my mum got me! So it was perfect to take with me for the car. 

I always carry my iPad with me where ever I go! It has so many books and all my notes on it ect so it’s a must! 

I put in Lisa Messenger Money & Mindfulness book in.

Then of course my journal.

I also have to carry my pager, Victoria secret spray, tone it up lip balm, twenty 8 calm spray. Mints because you always need to carry some. Plus my purse. And a pen! 

So that is what I pack in my car bag 😊

In my duffle bag I have a lot. First up is my SES t-shirt as I went to a course on the Sunday. I have my track pants-green. My black jumper, pj’s, my colourful 3/4 pants for the SES course. Then we have two other books. Things, my angle deck of cards. And then the bag of bathroom stuff- tooth brushes sprays. Make-up ect. Also my Perfict fit vitamins. And the most import thing is my phone cord/iPad cord!!! 

So that what I took with me! 

I didn’t use any of it apart from pj’s and clothes for the Sunday as we went out Saturday night and had a bit of fun! We didn’t get home till 1:45am so it was straight for bed for us! 

It was a great weekend to be able to get away and have some time together with Kev! Lucky it’s a long weekend which means I still get the Monday with the twins and of course Kev! 

Happy long weekend! 


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