What a week!

Last this week was so busy, from kids appointments and swimming to us been sick. It’s was a big one. I also applied to be unit controller for my local SES unit, big step but huge learning curve for me. Now I just have to see how it goes and if I am in the running. I finally got over my cold thank god, so my head can now think clearly.

James still has got his tho. But he is a trooper and nothing stops at boy. He even went to swimming even tho I told him he didn’t have to. He had fun but they are both are getting a bit painfull in the lesson, izzy wouldn’t stop crying and wanted me to be in the water with her. Which I did but she still didn’t stop. This is their 4th lesson, they where doing so good and then went down hill.

The weekend was busy, filled with going to floor place to floor place working out what mum wants for the house once the renovations start, the twins where fantastic. And we sorted it all out. I picked the colours for the kids feature wall and now I just have to work out  mine. Hard tho as there are so many colours out there and wow I just get overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I ordered a filofax today so excited to get it. i decided this past weekend to be more organised and when I move rooms i plan to organise it all and the twins room as well. So excited for it :). Its all meant to start this week at some point, big few months coming up. Hopefully we handle it all ok.

Wish me luck!


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