Weekend Post #6

Hello wonderful humans,

Welcome to a new week. Our weekend was super quiet. No photo taken, no social media post just me and the family. 

It was just a lovely quiet weekend. We stayed home and just chilled out on the Saturday. My mum took the twins to swimming which meant I got the morning to myself and did some yoga and relaxed. 

Saturday night Kevin went out hunting and I went to the movies for a date on my own. I went and saw fifty shades darker. It was a good film, I liked it better then the first as it has more of a story line to it which makes it more interesting. 

Sunday we had choc chip pancakes for breakfast and lazed around watching 7th Heaven, Haven’t seen that show in ages. It was so nice. Then Kevin and me went out for lunch just us. It was so lovely to just spend some time just US. Then that was basically our weekend. Just relaxing and quiet. 

Over all it was the perfect chilled out weekend that we all needed. 

Much love



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