Weekend Post #5

Well again I’m late on this post but I do actually have a very good reason and that reason is the twins started school this week so i’ve been a bit overwhelmed and just all over the place.  So this post is going live a week late but all well at least its here 🙂 

Our weekend was actually a long weekend as it was Australia day. Kevin had from the Thursday to the Sunday off work which was great! We didn’t go camping as it just was a bit tough to organise with people who didn’t really want to organise the trip. So instead we spent Thursday chilling at home and went out for dinner for Australia day. 

It was nice to just have a day to relax and unwind together. Friday we went to see my grandma and also look through display homes as Kevin’s mum was thinking on building (was is the word there as that lady just changes her mind like no tomorrow ) and then Kev also had a eye appointment. It was a nice day and it was lovely to go see my grandma. James actually feel asleep at hers, he stayed up too late watching the tennis with his grandma! Naughty boy thankfully tho he didn’t sleep on the way home and still went to bed reasonably early. 

SATURDAY was our main event of the weekend. We went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. It was AMAZING. I loved it. The twins loved it. Kevin loved it. It was so good we signed up as zoo members so we can get into all three Melbourne zoo as much as we want. I cant wait to go back. We were also lucky enough to come when they had an african festival of a night time so the was cool to listen to the music and the twins had their face painted. We were also lucky enough to have my sister and her partner join us at the zoo. Which made the zoo that much better. 



I was so happy with the weather as well. It was warm and sunny thankfully not over hot or raining. We just had a ball. I loved it. I’m really like a big kid when is comes to seeing animals, I just absolutely love them.  We also packed lunch to have before to make before we headed in there. The twins has swimming in the morning before the zoo so we didn’t get there until lunch time. It also a great way to save money when going to the zoo, we only had to buy dinner as we stayed there until dinner time.

 We also stopped on the way home to see the Sprite Of Tasmania. That is one big ass boat.


Sunday was spent just enjoying the day. It was great. I like just being able to have nice relaxing days after you have busy ones. 

It was a great long weekend. And I can’t wait to have many more adventures at the Zoo 🙂 

Also sorry for the short post, been a big week and time had just been getting away from me!!

Much Love 

Maddie xoxo 

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