Weekend Post #4

Welcome back to the weekend post!

Yes I am well aware it’s Thursday as this goes live but its been a busy week with school starting next week.

This past weekend was a fairly casual one. Saturday was spent just hanging around the house and doing some housework and chilling out. I did yoga in the morning and then the twins put on a show for myself and my mum in the back yard. It was so cute and I loved every moment even if at some point it was just them playing with sticks. They set up chairs outside and placed sticks around to make a stage of sorts. It was super cute.

I then had to work Saturday night which is always a pain in the ass. It the one day of the week I absolutely hate working but thankfully I only work Saturday nights every fortnight.

( Im trying to do some work today on this blog and write this post while the twins are watching Storks in the back ground which is being very distraction to me)

Sunday, we had a big day. I did yoga again in the morning and my balanced improved heaps.


I really enjoy doing yoga, I find it keeps me calm and more centred for the day. Then Kevin came around as he had been working all week and we decided to go to the Museum. By the time we decided we wanted to head out it was lunch time so I knew we would be in for a long day. But going to the museum was great. There are always so many things to see and learn there. We love all the animals that are there (most of them are dead) BUT they did have a few live spiders and bugs!

We also caught a tram into Melbourne and just enjoyed it. 





We also visited St Paul’s Church right in the centre of Melbourne. It’s across from finders st station. It is an amazing place! I found it just so spiritual and felt such a connection.

We where also lucky enough to see the hot rod show that was next to the museum. It was so fascinating. Those cars are incredible. Kevin was in heaven. Seen all these cars. HE was tempted to just go an buy one of the ones that was on sale. But they are worth a fortune. Better of saving for a house. 


It was a great way to end the weekend. Oh plus we found the cutest place to eat with the yummiest home made pasta! It was the best. 

You can just about never go wrong with a bowl of pasta. 

All in all we had a great weekend. It was just the right amount of fun with the right amount of relaxation. Plus through some work in there too. 


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