Weekend ahead

This weekend is a big one! 

Twins 5th birthday party is on Sunday. First really party with about 8 kids all up including the twins! I’m no party planner and this stuff make me stress. 

This was the first of the stuff I started to buy. 

My mum is helping and doing all the food and cooking! She is also making the twins cakes! Thank god! I’m not much of a baker,

I also have a heap of frozen and avengers thing to put in goodie bags for the twins friends! I hoping the weather is also going to improve so we can play outside and I don’t have to work out toys and games for inside. 

Izzy has been explained to that she needs to be on her best behaviour. She can get emotional over little things and I know it might all get too much for her but she has her friends here and she needs to be a good host as such. Am I asking too much from her?? I’m hoping not. 

James is the opposite, he will be over the moon and way to excited. I’ll have to rain him in! 

My sister is still in Japan and I know she is upset about not being here for the party so I’ll be making sure I take lots of videos and photos for her. Wish me luck!!! 

We also might be heading to the speed way later today (Saturday) so mum can do all the baking on her own. That should be fun! 

Anyway I’m super excited and can’t wait to share photos with you all! 


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