The TWINS turned 6!!!

I just can’t believe they are now 6 year old. It been 6 years since I have birth to the two most amazing , incredible, painful at time wonderful children. I feel so lucky to be there mum and to be able to teach them and also for them to teach me. On the 24th of March after 18 hours or so of labour I gave birth via c-section to James and Izzy. And wow was it amazing, scary and just dame right painful!
I’ve learnt do much from them over the past 6 years. I’ve learnt how to love unconditionally, patience (Although I still need some help on this one), gratitude and so much more. I’ve learnt how to be a parent and what kind of parent I want to be.

I just been so lucky to be able to watch these incredible human grow and develop. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out these guys in my life.

We had their birthday in three parts.

The Wednesday before their birthday we had their birthday party for all their school friends. That was the best part about having Wednesday of school for the first term! I love to watch them with all their friends. It was so nice as most of their friends they have had for a couple of years as they went through kinder together.

Then Friday their actual birthday. We had just me and the twins, my mum and Kev to do presents and have a quiet dinner.

Saturday we went to the Melbourne zoo to see my sister and her partner and our cousin plus my grandma for their birthday! It was a great day! We also had Nate turn up after work. Wow where the twins excited!

It was such a great way to spend their birthday!

Just honestly can’t believe they are now 6! On the 24th of march they turned 6. Its all just gone so fast.

I’m truly grateful to have these two in my life and to be able to watch them grow and learn.

Bring on the next year, I cant wait to see what the next year bring for them and for me.



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