Twins first day of SCHOOL

Last Thursday  the 2nd of February was the start of something new.

It was the start of something completely different.

It was the start of something that has now made me feel incredible old.

It was the start of SCHOOL.

The twins started PREP. I can not believe they are now school kids and i’m now a school mum. It’s such an incredible experience.  To see them grow up and then go off to school and start a new journey is such an incredible milestone. It is one of the best things in the world to me. I’m such a proud mum right now. Ive grown these two amazing souls. they are strong and independent and know who they are and what they want. 

Most parents cry when they send their kids off to school for the first time but not me. I was extremely happy and very excited to them. Weird I know but I think it was because they are a bit older and they are very ready for school. they actually need it to keep them entertained and to start learning new things. It was a big learning experience for them and they look super excited!

How gorgeously cute are they?? Plus they look so grown up. James with his hands crossed. God they just make me smile and fill my heart up wiht love. 

They loved there first day of school. They came home happy and extremely excited to have reader (homework) … Got their book out right away and we had to read it straight away. I loved it. 

They also did amazing at reading their owns books. 

Even now  that we are into day 4 of school we are still going strong. They come very hungry but not overly grumpy, oh but I’m  still trying to get Izzy to go to sleep before 9pm……….. Not really working. Thought school would of tried her out more but nope.

They are going to a catholic school, which is fantastic. They are going to learn about religion and all that stuff which is going to be great. We are not religious so I not absolutely nothing about it. I absolute love the school and their teachers seem very nice. they only thing would be the uniforms. Who knew they could be so expensive!!! 

They have a sports day, one day a week and they wear a different uniform to school as well as runners. They have blue runners for James and pink runners for Izzy. Always nice when you can add a bit of colour to your day. 

I think they are going to do very well at school. It just want they need. They have just grown up so much over the summer and now they are at school it all just seems to be going to FAST. Please stop growing kids, your really need to just stay little for a bit longer!!

I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on their progress. 

Much Love 



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