Turning 5

On the 24th the twins turned 5! Just writing that makes me feel like crying! How and when do I get two 5 year olds. Where has the last 5 years gone?? Why are they growing up so quickly?? Can I make them stop growing?? I’m serious people.

Last Sunday we had the twins party. They had a couple of friends over each mostly from kinder.


My mum made the cakes her self! I think she did a great job. Of course you can tell which one was for who.

Then of course we had to have a frozen theme and a super hero theme. All the kids had a great day.  James and Izzy where stuffed afterwards.

It was a very long day for me as well. And i was absolutely stuffed afterwards. Literally wanting to fall asleep watching a movie by 5pm.

Then on Thursday it was their actually birthday day. They got presents all throughout the day. Mine and kev’s came later in the day as we had to wait for him to finish work but I think it worked good having them come in drips and drabs that way everything got played with and set up.

They both got way too much! And really didn’t need half of it. But hay you only turn 5 once.

We had a few melt downs. Just all gets too much for them. Izzy spent the last 15 minutes of the night in absolutely complete tears for no reason other then she was way too tired. It probably might of been the fact we didn’t get home from dinner till 8:45 at night  and it was just too big of a day for her! But hey least it was in her bed room and not while we where out for dinner.

James handled him self very well and was straight to sleep once his head hit the pillow.

I’m so incredibly proud of the little humans these too have grown up to become.

James is this incredibly driven young man. Who has a voice of his own and is not afraid to yell and scream ( some thing I wish I could change lol) but he is who he is and he will learn that screaming won’t get him what he wants. But I’m super proud to be this guys mum.

Izzy is just this little girl full of smiles and giggles! She changes outfits about 10 times a day and only likes to wear dresses but she has this amazing creative mind!  And I can’t wait to see what she does with that. She never stops colouring, drawing or making something. She is going to do some amazing things in this world


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