Trip to Melbourne

Mid Thursday morning we packed the car up and headed into the city for a night away. Kevin had an appointment up in the city on Friday morning so we decided it would be easier to head up the night before. The drive was up was extremely windy.And it looked like it was going to rain but thankfully it held off, but it was super cold!!

We checked into our hotel, which wasn’t a bad room but very basic and lots of space. The views were great and the second floor was great to have for the twins to play around on and also for us to watch tv one they had gone to sleep. Mine and Kev’s room had a great view.

Once we where all checked in, we decided to have a quick rest and then head off on a short tram ride to the emporium and have a bit of a look around. We jumped on another tram and headed to Southbank for dinner at TGI Friday’s. The food was amazing there once we actually got it. Our waitress forgot to put our order through and this made our food come out 40mins after we had ordered. Not very good for young kids who don’t understand the meaning of wait and were very hungry. We then headed into crown to go to galactic circus. We let the kids run wild with a game card. Izzy was a pro at one of the games and got over 1000 tickets. Score for her. James did ok but didn’t get very many lucky for him tho I randomly won at a game and got a heap, over 600 and I was able to give them to him to even it all out. They had a ball. We forgot about the time and when we decided we better head back it was 9pm. Latest we have been out in the city with the twins.

By the time we got back to the room it was nearly 10pm. So bed and bath for the twins. While going to sleep James was being silly and hit his head on some draws, this cause a cut on the top of his head that bleed a LOT. I was worried and Kev was google the closet hospital jus tin case it didn’t stop bleeding and we had to take him there. THANKFULLY it stopped and James just went right to sleep with out any issues. Always a bit of excitement. Someone always has to injury themselves while we are away. Just never that bad!

We awoke up early Friday morning to head down to our breakfast. Kev had already head off to his appointment so it was just me and the twins. they of course went down in their PJ’s because well clearly they could. They wanted me too but I said no, now thinking about it, it would of been fun if we all had of. The hot chocolate and coffee was the best, the machine I want to buy and put in my house!!!! Food was great.

We then had a play in the room till it was check out time. We then piled into car and drove to the Queen Victoria Market. We walked around and got some yummy lunch from there. IT was great to walk around the market I haven’t been there in about a year so. I restrained from buying anything tho!!

NEXT stop was the Old Melbourne Gaol . I haven’t been to the goal in years and years and I honestly couldn’t remember what it was like. IT was super cold inside the cells and the goal its self. But so cool to see where the famous Ned Kelly spent his last days. and the history behind the gaol. The twins got a bit scared of it and didn’t enjoy the tour of the old police station. They do a tour of it and you actually get locked up for a few minutes and they also turn the light out. Both of them got a bit scared of this. Boys had to go together and girls on the other side. James I think was the most scared out of the two of them and held on to Kevin hand tighter then ever while trying to maintain a brave face. Was very cute to watch him. It was fun to see the old gaol and the old police watch house that was open up until 1994. This I had completely forgotten about and was surprised to learn it was open 2 years after I was born.

We then headed out of the city and decided to stop off at Chadstone Shopping Centre on the way home. Mainly to go see my sister but also to have a quick shop. Kevin brought a lot from RM Williams and I managed to get a new pair of shoes 🙂 super happy with them.

All in all it was a good night away and we had lots of fun in the city. The weather on the Thursday was the only downfall but thankfully Friday was great, sun was out.

Thats about all we got up to. We have another holiday coming up in about a week this time with my hole family.



p.s Sorry this late. Internet has being having problems and Ive only just gotten it back. A hole week without internet has not been fun. Thankfully its now back working because its not been fun. No Netflixs and chill has been a struggle. No being able to surf the web has been a nightmare. Honestly I hate being without it. So glad its back working.





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