Tone It Up-Bikini Series Day 2

I’m already a day be hide on this post as I wanted to do it yesterday but the day got away from me.

Ok let me explain what the Tone It Up bikini series is… it’s an 8 week fitness and health program run by the lovely girls over at Tone It Up.

They provide all the workouts and recipes you will need to maintain and start a healthy lifestyle! I’ve been with tone it up for 2 years and never really fully committed to it or the challenges the ladies do. But this year I’m set on it!

Day 1 (25th of April) was awesome. Although I had a cold and slightly went off the charts with eating crappy food because I was sick and felt like crap. I did manage to work out and have a smoothie and drink a lot more water!!!

The tone it up community is amazing. Each day you have to check in on Instagram or the tone it up community page and that way you can go in the draw for weekly prizes. Cool I know!!

Day 2- today has been a little bit more low key in terms of fitness but much better on the eating!!!

I also got my TIU bundle today whoo!!!

Comes with some socks, a bag, lunch bag, beach ball and towel plus the 8 week beach babe journal that has the daily workouts and places to write down what you ate for the day!

I love it. Plus I also got beach babe 4 in downloadable form for all my workouts.

Go to the tone it up website to find out more information..

For now tho I’m commiting to this challenge and also going to daily blogging it! I wouldn’t mind getting into vlogging but I’ve never tried it and to be honest I’m a bit scared to…. But you never know I might grow some balls and just do it!

Wish me luck and good luck to those who are also doing the challenge

Also I’ll shorten Tone It Up to TIU.



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