TIU weekend


Im doing a bulk post today as I’ve miss a few days due to being extremely full on and super tired.

Friday – day 12

It was a good day. I walked the puppy in the morning and ate some really nice salad ūüôā





It was so nice to get out in the sun shine and walk the dog. Although i didn’t get a Tone It Up workout in i still felt good. I also went on date night that night as well and restrained myself from eating lots of junk.

Saturday -Day 13 

Saturday was bad for working out. I didn’t fit in the time and just really was having a bad motivation day. Instead we went and played mini golf.

Sunday -Day 14 

Two week I’ve stuck to this challenge and Im pound of myself although I slacked off this weekend as I had no motivation. But it was also mothers day so I had rest day. But i honestly feel crappy from not working out and eating healthier. Im so looking forward to week three and getting back into the groove of it all.

love maddie


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