TIU week

Sort I haven’t been around this week. Ive been off in other world trying to get through to the end of the week. I started of good,

Monday was a good day. I ate great and worked out and felt amazing.


Tuesday was good. I got a workout in and had a smoothie! 

Wednesday I worked and found it hard to fit in a work out. I ate very well though.
Thursday it went down hill. I become so tired, I was falling asleep at 9:30pm. Which is completely not normal for me. Im a night owl and stay up late even if I’m super tired. But I did manage to work out and felt better after that. But I did manage to work out and I really enjoyed it. 


Friday I had court for an intervention order but that didn’t turn out as planned as he is avoiding police. But then I got super tired and just felt completely off. I ended up sleeping until I had to pick the twins up from kinder. And my food intake was just crap. I also didn’t workout. I just couldn’t get some motivation to do anything. The weekend was just as bad. I ate like crap and didn’t work out once. I needed the time off to be honest. I’m just not feeling 100%. Sunday night I managed somber serious self care Sunday! 

With a bath and then reading a book in the candle light. That was great. I’m super glad I got to do that! 

I’m having my wisdom teeth out next week which is going to put my workouts on hold! I’m not happy but hay that’s life. 

Hope your week is good 




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