TIU update

As most of you know I have been doing the Tone It Up 8 week challenge. Due to having my wisdom teeth out I had to stop working out for a period of two weeks. One was due to me being put on rest for the week and the second week I was actually in a far bit of pain so I just had trouble woking out. I did yoga tho well tired as best as I could.

Im hoping to start fresh during week 7 and spend the last two weeks going hard and continuing to keep it up afterwards. Some times in life things come up and this is what happens. I can’t help it and neither can the universe. Im feeling well now and can’t wait to get back into it.

Im also doing so much better on my eating habits since having my teeth out. Coffee is basically out of my diet and healthier foods are coming into play more and more. Chocolate has also being well and truly cut down which hime very happy about.

Sorry for the short update.


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