TIU Day 6 

Happy Saturday. It’s the weekend, I don’t want to workout and eat healthy. I want to pig out on chocolate and relax my body!! 

But I pushed myself. I stopped myself from going to buy chocolate and just keep myself moving all day! 

Now if you can’t tell by my face, this workout killed me! I can’t even manage a smile afterwards I was that tired and sore and sweaty. But honstely I felt amazing for pushing myself to do it. 

Lunch I had my chicken salad I can’t stop eating it! 

I also had my smoothie after my workout! 

Then I splurged and had meatballs and pasta for dinner probably not the best thing but all well they are yummy! 

I feel very tired but also I have noticed a bit of difference with my body already. Which is amazing. I also decided to pamper myself tonight and get in my comfy baggy clothes. Do a face mask and read a book. Plus I’m going to watch a movie

I’m feel happy with myself for making it 6 days straight and sticking to working out even when I’ve been sick. It’s a huge achievement to myself and I can’t wait to keep going. 

Much love 


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