TIU Day 5


Today was a bit of a tough one. It was raining outside and all I wanted to do was snuggle under a blanket and watch movies but I didn’t. I pushed myself .

My body aches all over! My arm and shoulders are the worst but I know that I will gain a healthier body by doing this. 

Morning walk was done in the rain! I started to walk and then it pissed down on me and the puppy. 

Then I headed home to get dry and shower as I was cold! I made the best chicken salad for lunch can’t get sick of it! 

Got dressed in some actually clothes and not just workout clothes and headed to do shopping. Feeling the burn in my body by this point! 

I did the total body tone up in the after noon. KILLED my body!! Thanks girls (sarcastic  voice) 

James photo bombing me is the absolute best thing!! Might of been while I was able to smile.

I made a beef stir fry for dinner. ( really I got it for our local organic butcher) but I’m going to clam I made it. 

Was amazing! I drank heaps of water today as well and only had 1 coffee WINNING.

Over all I feel tired and sore but feel great to know I’m working towards something. Plus I’m slowly getting better for this horrible cold! 

Much love 


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