TIU day 4

Today was tough, I woke up feeling worse then ever! The low point of the cold! 

I didn’t eat very well this morning. Just felt off so didn’t want food! Had coffee mid morning and managed to have lunch. 

Did my workout in the afternoon. I had been putting it off so much just because I felt so bad but I pushed myself and did the cardio flow workout.

And then made a smoothie afterwards and that made me feel heaps better! Should of made a smoothie in the morning might of felt a lot better. 

Dinner was amazing tho. 

Chips cooked on the Webber, snags and a yummy salad. 

I’m feel very sore today all the working out is hurting my poor body!!! But it will all be worth it 😀

Hoping that tomorrow will be better and next week I can start of fresh and be more alive!!! 

Much love xo 

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