TIU- Day 3

Happy Wednesday!!

Well its really Wednesday night. But that doesn’t matter.

Today was a good day! I went for a walk in the morning after kinder drop off ( THAT was a rush around) Took the puppy as well. It was a gorgeous day out apart from the wind! 

Then I came home and did the K & K slay work out. 

As you can see by the photo, it killed me and I was so hot and sweaty afterwards! Always a good sign of a hard workout. I’m still sick so I didn’t push myself too much. 

Smoothie followed the workouts! Man do I love them and the perfect it protein powered! Makes me feel so good!!! 

I had lunch with a friend today so I grabbed a chicken salad wrap from the bakery. 

Dinner I stuffed up and run late so I got hot chips for the twins and I ended up having some. But afterwards I felt so bad. Bloated and just yucky. After eating so well then putting that in my body just made it feel like crap. I just tried to flush it all out by drinking lots of water. 

I’ve noticed that I’ve needed to drink a lot more water then normal, my body is craving it. 

I also did a before photo and posted it on Instagram! I’ve never done this. 

So I’m also posting it here as well.

Please no  criticism.

I had twins my stomach is has rolls of fat, stretch marks on my boobs, thighs and stomach. It held two kids in it! I grow so big. It went through war!! But it will get better! 

Much love 



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