TIU day 10 

Happy Wednesday! 

Today was a good day. 

I workout in the afternoon. 

Didn’t drink too much coffee and replaced it with water! Ate ok. Apart from having chocolate after work and boy did my body not like that! I woke up a bit later on a felt so sick and yucky. My stomach hated it! I think I over ate the chocolate. Maybe next time just a little bit. I also got my tone it up recipe book that I had officeworks print and bind for me! 

It was fun to flip through that and get some idea on what to cook and even to make for the twins for snacks!! 

Roast chicken and green salad was the wrap up for the day.

Hope the week has treated everyone well! 

This every day blogging is getting a bit tricky with life!!! So I’m sorry if I miss a day here and there or join two together! 

Light and love 



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