Things that hang on my wall

My bedroom is my space. It’s all about me and how I want to feel. I may share is with Kev when he stays but I still make it mine and I always will! 

That being said I love share my space with the people I love. So watching movies in bed and having morning chats in bed is a must. 

I do all my meditations and reading in my room. And on occasion I also blog, study and complete any SES work I need to do. Thi means I need my walls to be full of stuff to look at and inspire me. 

This picture hang on my pink wall. I absolutely love it! My mum actually brought it for me as a present. I love horses so this is very fitting.

My dream catcher has to hang over my bed! I have trouble sleeping if it’s not. 

This hangs over my meditation chair!  

While this doesn’t hang in my room it’s a major part of how I like to set my room out and the feeling of it. This is my meditation char/reading, studying and just generally chilling out! 

The top picture is what my mum brought me back from her trip to vetam. And the bottom I brought from a local shop. These just brighten up my room. 

I love this! It states all my bad trates as a Scorpio! 

And last is my pin board that has important information on it! Mostly my affirmations to remember and an invite! I don’t put a lot up there only stuff that means a lot to me! Or I can’t forget about it! 

So there you have it! That’s all that hangs in my room! This is the stuff that inspires me and make me feel happy. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my room! The rest I’m going to keep as my own 😀


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