Our Weekend #1

Wow this weekend just flew by. I couldn’t believe it was already Sunday night when I started to write this post. Then of course life got in the way.

This weekend was actually a quiet one compared to last few we have had. And it was so nice to just be able to lazy around in our PJ’s and enjoy some family time.

Saturday .

This was our complete lazy around day. It was great! I stayed in my pjs till about 10 am and so did the twins.

BEST part of the day would have to be the chocolate chip pancakes we made tho!!


I was too busy stuffing my face to get any more photos! They where super yummy.

We just did some house work. James played in the veggie garden digging it up for grandma to plant soon and Izzy was playing barbies.

I had to work Saturday night so we made the most of the day. I actually did a kind of spring clean to my room and found out I am a magazine hoarder. Who else keeps magazine for years?? I sorted through them and through most of them in the bin. YEE go me 🙂

I had some help from Izzy which was nice, she was also trying to take anything and everything she could from my room.

Then just after dinner I headed to work.


Sunday was a great day. We woke up and got ready to head out the door to go for lunch with my grandma and my sister. It was my grandma’s birthday on Monday so we did something on the weekend when we could all make it.

It was so nice to get out and go for lunch wiht just the family.


My out fit was extremely basic. Legging from Jeans West, top is  from a web sit call New Look (Based in the UK). and my shoes are from Myer.

Perfect for going out for lunch and running after the twins.



Izzy wasn’t in the best mood heading to lunch so NO photos were allowed.


Do we love out balloons??

They had a balloon making man at the hotel we ate at. He was super good! Izzy got a dog made, James a Cat and me a princess! LOVE love love them. Izzy balloon unfortunately  popped later on. She was so upset by it! Cried for about 20 mins. I couldn’t help but laugh. MEAN mum I am.

My lunch was fanatic. Best steak I have had in a long time!


It was also super nice to see my sister again. We haven’t seen each other in ages and hardly talk much due to both of us just being so full on and leading completely different lives.


It was a great weekend. Super nice to just be relaxed and easy going!



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