The up and downs of the last month

Wow I don’t even know where to start. This past month has been full of ups and downs. I have some great experiences but i’ve also had a lot of stress. So I thought the best place is to just get it all out here on the blog and try and find my balance again.

I’ll start with the  one of the best up! I got to go to Melbourne to see an amazing woman, mother, speaker, author just all around human. Danielle LaPorte. ( if you check out my youtube channel i put the vlog up of that day). That was a magical night. Being able to see the person who truly started my self love journey was amazing. Danielle just knew how to capture the audience. It was so exciting and I’m so thankful to my mum for buying me a ticket as a christmas gift.


That was a huge up for me. And I’ve also Bering luckily enough to be accept into Danielle’s launch team for her new book White Hot Truth. Which comes out in march. I’m reading the book at the moment and one my god! It’s amazing! Everyone should pre order the book! 

I then had a downer. And this was a big one. I started to feel stressed, angry, annoyed at everything and anything. I also let all my self love and care go. I stopped doing yoga, blogging, reading book, mediation. I just let everything that makes me, me go. I ate heaps and heaps of chocolate and basically had a couple of good cries to Kevin.

This was all due to having to go to family court. IT is always very stressful to go to court but this time was more so. This could of been the end of it all. The twins would be finally free and safe. Although they hadn’t seen their so called father since August last year and that was for a short time, it was still in court documents saying they had to spent time with him.

Long story short tho as I don’t need to bore you with in and outs of family violence and how it effected us and how we stayed so strong for so long. It’s my story to keep. 

Basically it was the best outcome. With one little hitch. We have to go back in August. Bummer I know but he is not in our lives until then. The twins are safe and I am free from him as well.

It took me a couple of days to actually get what had happened but once it finally did, I got super tired. It was like 5 years of stress basically just came off my shoulders and I finally feel free. This all happened last Thursday. So on the Friday I was feeling good but a bit numb it hadn’t sunk in. I did yoga and felt amazing but then come Monday I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep all day and night and same with Tuesday. It wasn’t really until yesterday that I started to pick up a bit and relise this is a very good thing. I need to embrace these feelings of being tired and free at the same time. I also need to get my ass back into yoga and fitness as those things really help me through things. 

THEN last Saturday night  18th I went to see Adele live in Melbourne. No words can even describe that. She is one amazing human in her own way. I felt so connect to her music and just wow! 

I got to get all dressed up and head there with a very good friend! Who is basically like my brother. We had the funest most laughable nights I’ve had ever. The concert was amazing and the walk back to the train station well that made me belly hurt from laughing so much. Those are memories I’ll keep forever! 

So it’s been a month that has been so full of love and wonderful memories but it was also a very stressful month. And one that really will have a lasting effect on me. 

I can’t wait to get over this bit of tiredness and just feel like me again. I’m so thankful for the journey so far I just wish at time it was easier but hay don’t we all. I’ll get there I know I will. I just need to do some major self care work and change up my diet again, thankfully I’ve cut back on the chocolate already but not enough. I’m so glad I got to see Danielle and Adele, they have just made this year more memorable and amazing. Each of them has lit a fire inside me that I really just need to start listening too! “Seriously woman stop ignoring your feeling and your gut!! ”

Thank you all for reading and being apart of this wonderfully, hard at times journey. 

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