The mum day off…




A mum day off consists of cleaning, cooking, food shopping, more cleaning and maybe if your lucky some me time!

In my house I’m lucky if I can get some me time! My time might be me taking the dog for a walk or going to the gym. I’m lucky if I can sit down an rest and enjoy a nice quiet day.

Even when my kids are at day care I am picking up their toy or reorganising their toys. Doing washing. Dishes. Cleaning something and doing food shopping.
It’s a never ending cycle. Don’t get me wrong I love it because it my life and my work but I also love been able to have me time.

As much as I hate it when the kids have to go their so called father, but it means I get to enjoy some me time! Like today I went to my partners cricket and actually got to watch the game because I didn’t have to run after to kids. Which was wonderful but then I also miss my kids so much!

Being a mum is not something you can switch off, there is always something going through your head about the kids or what you have to do!

Being a mum is the best thing I have ever done!

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