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We have changed our name!

Our name has gone from Mummy Of Twins to


I’d been feeling disconnect from this blog for a while. And not just the blog but my brand itself. It just hasn’t felt right and I felt like something needed to change. I’ve spoken of this before in a post a month ago. About how I have changed and grown and how I want this blog to grow with me. Writing about parenting and the twins has been so much fun but I don’t want to be limited to just that. I want to be able to share every side of me. I want to also create a space for woman and girls to feel safe and enjoy what they are reading. I want to be able to teach them how to use their voice. I want to be able to apply everything I have learnt and learning to helping other woman and young girls be there true selves . 

How did I come up with the name?

I spent a while trying to work out a new name. I did a huge brain dump of all the words that really connected to me. Then I had to work out what names where available. That was the hardest part  I think. I had some many names I liked and most where already taken. but then THE FREEDOM GODDESS posed into my head and that was it. I had to have this. 

FREEDOM- For me this word was a very powerful word. It made me feel very connected with myself.  I want to be able to let everyone know that it is ok to be free, it is ok to be your true self. To stop hiding. To be happy with who you are and what you believe in. To have the freedom to show everyone and anyone the true you. 

It took me a long time to feel free with who I am , not just on the inside but on the outside too. To speak my truth and what I believe in. Now its something I just want to scream to everyone. I don’t want to be in the dark anymore and not feel 100% comfortable in my own body.  FREEDOM is a very important for me.

GODDESS-  Just this word gives me goosebumps. I decided to use this word for this blog  because I just want woman to feel like a goddess. I mean why not, everyone woman should be treated and made to feel like they are and if someone not going to make you feel like that then you must. Every single woman is gorgeous and has the potential to be a goddess so they should just own it. 

That is how the name came about! I had some wonderful friends help me sort out the changing over the domain as that is just complicated and also design a logo for me. Which just makes it all so much more exciting.

I’m really excited. I have a few projects I’m going to be working on in the next few months and the content of this blog will be changing. Although the twins will make a regular appearance.

I’m so enjoying this new vision for this blog and my business. I feel like a little kid that just discovered chocolate. There are going to be some exciting times in front of me. I’m so blessed to be surround by some amazing woman who are so supportive of me and my adventures.

Stay tuned for some amazing stuff.






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