The first week of March

Our first week of march has been full of fun, rushing around, enjoying the last day of summer and doing the last bit of cleaning the house for the renovations.

I love the first day of march because it also means that the twins will have a birthday very soon. This year it is scary tho because they will be four. WOW where did the years go!

I am still trying to work out what we are doing but all I know is the day it will be on! Least that’s one thing done. I am also trying to workout what I should get them as gifts! We are renovating at the moment so gifts need to be small and easy to clean and use, one of the hardest parts about the twins birthday, plus the fact they turn another year older.

I’m so excited for them to get their new room, we found the paints we want to paint their feature wall. So I just want things to hurry up and move fast.

I’m so glad everyone has gotten over been sick. I am loving the cold weather all ready. Means my two favourite pair of boots get to come out and all my warm coats. 🙂 in super excited.

All that’s left is the rest of the year to get through!


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