The catch up… 

I’ve being going to write this post for the past week but every time I went to somethings came up, twins or study or even SES stuff. 

One main thing that has been an issue is izzy sleeping! She won’t go to sleep of a night time. It takes over an hour for her to settle and go to sleep. Up and down out off bed, crying and yelling out for me. I’ve tried everything, letting her play in bed and giving her what she wants, sleeping in my bed and laying down with her nothing works same thing every night! And im completely over it! I get way to stressed out about it all and because she doesn’t go to sleep till past 9 she is tired and and sleeps OMG and then the cycle starts again. If I wake her up early she get grumpy! God help us! 

I’ve gotten in to some new books lately by Gabrielle Bernstein, such amazing books on not how to find happiness but how to stop yourself from blocking the things in life. 


We also went to the speed way this past weekend! A few issues at the start with James not wanting to get out of the car because he thought it would be to loud! But he needed up loving it, and izzy was in love she would have gone in the cars if she could of! Was a fun day and wonderful weather for it. 

Here a few photos from the past two weeks of us just doing our thing 😀


It’s been a good couple of weeks. 

Any tips on how I can help izzy sleep please let me know!!!!! 


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