Sunday Food Prep

Hello Wonderful People Of The world.

This had been a long time coming and Im super sorry its taken a while for a new post for this series but Ive been away and then got sick so not much cooking has been happening in this part of the world.

This week showing was quick and just stocking up on bits and pieces.


As you can see there is a lot of green goodness in there. Also lots of food for the twins to take to kinder and eat when the decided to eat the house out of food.

I also treated the twins to tiny teddy. Not something I normal allow but hay once in a while is good.

Chocolate Protein Batter
Chocolate Protein Batter

This lovely looking contain is actually going to be my breakfast for the next two days. ITS called Chocolate Cake Protein Batter. Its from Simplicious cook book, which is by Sarah Wilson. So in love with this cook book!! This is my first time making this so check out my Instagram where ill let you know how it taste 🙂


The start of some bliss balls coming to life. Now I have made these before and OMG they are so amazing. They are from Ange at The Gratitude Project Go check out her amazing recipe Ebook Ange has.



This is the finally product, NOW they just sit in the fridge overnight to set.

Basically this week is an easy food prep and Dinner is going to be cooked every night as I have most of the week off and not doing much so I have the time to really cook.

Im super excited to plan for next week now.

Much Love





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