Spring Racing

This year for the spring racing carnival, I reached a long time dream of mine. I was able to attend the races. Ive always wanted to go. I  didn’t care which of the four mains day  I went to but I’ve just really wanted to go. The Melbourne Cup is my biggest dream and while I didn’t make it their this year, I’ve got plenty more to come. I did how ever  go to DERBY DAY. The most elegant dressed day of the races. Classic black and white.

I was super excited to go and get dressed up and enjoy the races. I found a great dress that I absolutely love and I think suit me really well.


It was the perfect dress for me. I felt completely comfortable in it. And for me, someone who doesn’t normally wear a dress this one was just heaven.


I had the most comfortable shoes as well!!! I was super lucky to find them and on sale too. They added a bit of colour and a patten of flowers which I love love love. The clutch I brought a while back but I just loved adding the pink to my outfit. It also felt so good at the racing to be able to sit down and take my shoes off. It was 25 degrees, not overly hot but for Melbourne thats hot plus the sun had a great bite too it.

I’ve never felt more confidant in being in a dress then I did on this day.



Darby Day winner
Derby Day winner


I was lucky enough to be able to get up close for the main race to the fence line which meant I got to see the winner come back in.  I found it all to be so exciting and I just loved it.

It was nothing and everything I though it would be like. Thankfully the weather was super nice. Warm and sunny with a slight breeze.

This was well and truly like a dream come true and I hope the I get to go again next year. It also been something I’ve wanted to go to since I can remember. And this year, the year I turn a quarter of a century I finally was lucky enough to go. Next year maybe Ill go to cup day or oaks day but what ever day it will be I sure I love every moment of it. I was lucky to share this day with my sister and her partner. Both of them looked stunning and they also had a ball. Im hoping next year we will get different tickets and maybe get go into a tent instead.

Im honestly so happy I got to go and I loved getting dressed up and spending the day with my sister. I was also lucky enough to stay in the city the night as well. Kevin came and meet me afterward (he doesn’t like horse racing) and then a couple of friends came and meet us for dinner as her birthday is two days before mine. It felt so nice to go and spend some adult time with no kids, something that doesn’t happen often. It was well and truly one of the best days of the year.

The only part I hate about getting dressed up and going out is the whole getting undress, taking make-off is the worst and most of all by this point of the day I’m way too tired and are so ready to just jump into bed and chuck my PJ’S on. I always have to force myself to take my make-up off. Plus having a big day like that and then having a late night means I’m always tired in the morning. Honestly since having the twins I can’t have a huge day and then a  night out. I just feel wreaked and I didn’t even drink that much. This was the first time I’ve had a drink in months and months its just something that is not appealing to me anymore and I only drink on special occasions and this was one of them. But seriously  I just cant do it anymore. It just not me.

This spring carnival was the best one yet and I can’t wait to see what next years hold.


Much Love.

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