Spring And September

Hello Spring,

Where has the year gone??? I know I say that a lot. But its true, each month just fly’s by and I’m back writing the start of the month post.
Although this is not only a new month but a new season as well.


I love spring. Means the sun starts shining more and that means we get more out door play time 🙂
This month I am also going on a new journey…… I’m quitting sugar.
I’ve decide to take the plunge and just go for it. Give it my all and enjoying the ride.

I’m not cooking the food for the twins as I just can’t be bothered with the fights!!

But they do the love the healthier yummy goodies I make.

September is also the school holidays for us. Which also means the Royal Melbourne Show. WHOO…..

We are super excited to be going again. We went late year and have decided to make it a family event each year. The twins are getting older which means they will enjoy more of it and be able to do more. I’m super excited to be going to see all the animals again and do the arts and crafts. I think I’m just as excited as the twins. Although I’m fairly certain Kev is a bit worried about it now they are older and able to run around more!

Spring  brings out the best in me. I love love winter. To be able to curl up and watch movies and snuggle BUT spring is the time I actually get my butt into gear. I love to work out in the sun and do my work and studies outside in nature.

BUT my favourite thing would have to be seeing the twins run around and play outside. It always brings a smile to my face.

This month I have a big assignment due for uni so most of my time will be spent between that and this blog. I have a few ideas to grow this blog so Im hoping i’ll actually be able to do it rather then get distracted or sidetracked with other bits and pieces.

Im really looking forward to the end of the year and to expand my studies and this blog. Ive done a big clean out of my room and started the twins rooms and I think that has made me feel better about myself and also life in general.

I think Im still also trying to figure out my voice for this blog. I haven’t made a deal of the fact that I’ve now been blogging for nearly 2 years as I haven’t felt like I’ve gotten to the place I want this blog to be. I still haven’t felt like I’ve got my voice, But Ive very much enjoying this ride and I’ll find it soon just going to take time I think. I also think I put the blog on the back burner a fair bit. So I’ve made myself a promise to do this as I really love it so much and enjoy doing it. Ive got a business planner to help me plan out post and plan my time. Ive also got a journal for anything interesting i think of while I am out and about. I just really want this blog to grow more. I want to do more on it and explore any opportunities that come my way.

I think I also need to work on my writing as I tend to rush posts and they aren’t as good as I would like the to be.

But Ill get there. Life being hectic the last few years and it hasn’t been easy on me ad thankfully its starting to settle down but we will see how that goes. I’ve learnt this year to just relax and let the universe do her thing.

SO its a new month, a new season and that means a time to plan and move forward.

It’s a time for a new BEGINNING.


Much love


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