Snow Trip

This past weekend we went on an adventure to the snow. Not only that we decided to make a weekend of it and stay away on Saturday night.

We stayed at a house in Rawson right near the base of Mt Baw Baw. It was a great little house that had nice fire place. We went away with my partner and another couple, It was my partner and his best mates birthday on the Saturday and Sunday.

We went to see Thompson dam on Saturday afternoon when we arrived.






The view was amazing! but it was quiet cold!! We decided to light a fire later in the night in the out door  fire pit. The twins loved it, the got to eat a few treats include chocolate birthday care 🙂


The Sunday we woke up and packed everything into the car and off to the snow we went. Lucky we snow suits for the twins so they where nice and warm and didn’t get wet and they loved to lay in the snow.





We where so lucky with the weather, it was wonderful and sunny and only started to get really cold in the late afternoon when the wind kicked up. Izzy loved trying to make a snow angle.


But the snow was a little to hard for her to be able to do so. James had a lot of fun playing with the boys.


We hired toboggans and the twins loved them. Had so much fun going down the Mt with our friends. James had a slight accident and face planted into the snow and got a small cut on his face but being such a big boy he didn’t even cry. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any photos of them going down as it was too busy. But as we where walking around the were being pulled but us on the toboggans.




We also got to see some snow dogs which the kids loved watching.


It was a fun weekend and can’t wait to go back up there again. They drive home was good, thankfully the twins didn’t sleep so when we arrived home at 7 it was easy to put them to bed as I was stuffed.

I had so much fun and it was great to get away for a night.





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