School holiday plans

Term 2 is done and dusted. Which is actually scary because that means it’s halfway through the year and closer to the twins going to school.

It’s winter which means school holidays are fairly limited. In door play means I need to be on my A game and have a plan for every sistuation. The fighting happens more and the mess is just huge. The amount of cleaning I have to do doubles or triples depending on the day.

We have a birthday party during the second week of the school holidays. whoo that one day down.

We are also heading to the city this week for a night. Thursday to Friday YES! 3 days down. But what the hell are we going to do for the rest of the time??

Ideas people??

Indoor activities are mainly needed. I’m hoping to set up a play date in the second week. And if the weather is nice go to the park and maybe even a walk or bike ride. But it’s been the coldest week ever in Melbourne and not expected to get much better.

Two week… Why does it have to be two weeks. I love having the twins around don’t get me wrong but it’s so hard to go food shopping, the food shopping ect. But I do love seeing them playing together and laughing and having a ball. I just hate school holidays during winter!!! It puts a limit on everything.

Wish us luck



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