In about 3 weeks or so our house ( where i live with my mum) is getting renovated. Me and the twins will be getting new bedrooms, BIGGER ones. as well as a new bathroom and lounge room. wow just typing that is a lot. I have no idea how the twins and me will cope, the amount of noise ( which will affect my son the most as he hates loud nosies) the mess (oh god the mess!!) not been able to go into out backyard until they are finished with the back part of the house.

I’m well an truly scared!!!

Im not sure how everyone will cope. It will be a very big and long few months while this happens.

Any ideas on how to cope please let me know 🙂

At then moment mum is getting her new shed build,

This is the start of the shed
This is the start of the shed

I can’t wait for it to be done 🙂 mum will be so happy and she has been wanting this for so long. Im excited 🙂


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