Re organising rooms

Lately I’ve been a bit OCD in wanting to rearrange the house. The twins room especially. I just don’t like the way they feel. They are cluttered with toys. I have a bit of trouble throwing out their old toys. I mean I spent money on them and they all look so cute. But enough is enough . Its getting way to much.

Ive just told them the lounge room is off limits to toys now as they just don’t pick up after themselves. I hoping this helps with the mess and well they will pick up their toys and then we can allow toys in the lounge room. But until then Im sticking to my guns.

Izzy room is the first to be done and thankful I had help from Amy our cleaner. Yes I have a cleaner. She comes every fortnight. Cleaning is the lowest on my priority list. I hate cleaning  but Im starting to get better and relies its actually a bit fun (sometimes). Anyway I asked her to sort Izzy room out for me to help with the start of the this change. And wow it looks fantastic.





I cleaned up my room as well and went through my clothes and other stuff that just was clutter. And wow I feel a lot better. Its nice to have a organised room and be able to enjoy it. Izzy also loved coming home to her room and seeing it all different and cleaned. She played in it all night and then when it was bed time decided that she would climb up and get some teddy bears down. Which was funny as I knew they wouldn’t last all nice and set out. This is IZZY we are talking about. But I’m glad its sorted and cleaned and she now has more room in there to play.

Im looking forward to doing the rest of the house now. Wish me luck.


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