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I’m currently sitting in bed watching a movie, How to be single. Its a funny light hearted movie and I honestly just feel completely blah right now. Watching movies is my way to relax and unwind. SO this post is going to be all over the place and probably just full of crap. I just felt like writing on here about anything and everything. I have no idea where to take this blog. I have so many ideas but none seem to be the REAl me. Just bits of me. Which is completely fine but still I want to give you guys more.

I know who I am, but I’m still missing the who I am in this blog. I’m a mum, partner, uni student, daughter, sister, spiritjunkie but I’m still just working out who I am in this blog. What I want to write about, share with the blog world and just express myself. I do feel like these random though post about anything and nothing at once might become some sort of new thing.

The twins have had their first week back a kinder. They completely loved it!

We have also had our little lunch date on yesterday which was super nice, plus it was completely sunny and warm. I started to do this on a regular bases with the twins over the last few months. Normally on a Thursdays and we  have nothing on and its been great. They will be heading to school next year and that makes me feel sad but also very excited and happy for them.


Izzy had to go out in her new dress up and my god she looks completely cute. James is just james with face. HE is always pulling some funny face in a photo. Plus not he won’t take off my SES  hat!

Ive just started a 4 week meditation course with a website called MINDSPO. Everyone should go check it out. Its really good and Rochelle is really cool and amazing.  Follow her on instagram and snapchat. @rochelle_fox She is one call girl and so full of energy and life.

Ive gotten really into reading more books again. Which is great. Currently I’m reading radical self-love by Gala Darling. OK first lets address the name!! How bloody brilliant  is the name. Gala changed her name to Gala Darling. Just completely changed her first and last name because she felt like to suited her better! How blooming cool. Other then that the book is so full of love and just completely hits the spot with me. She talks about friendships, sex and relationships, loving yourself, manifestation and some other stuff i haven’t gotten to yet. But I’m super glad to have found her book and it was actually because of a podcast I listen too by Katie Dalebout.

This movie is good. Makes me really grateful for me my relationship with Kevin.

Anyway not going to gash about him. Leave that for another post.

This week has been great tho. Ive workout everyday this week which has made me feel completely better about myself and have more energy. Tone It Up is amazing community and I love these girls workouts.


See me all sweating and red faced make me smile brighter and feel more in love with myself. I never really truly realised till this week how much it actually does help my energy, feeling happier and just more centred.

Sounds weird that it its taken me this long to get to this point but hay I got their.

Start week 6 on I Quit Sugar this Monday. Super excited. Ive had a few slip ups but hay i didn’t expect to get it perfect the first time. Time will keep on improving me quitting sugar. Ive been feeling very good on it tho and love eating the lovely food. Its all so yummy.

I think this post took over 2 hours to write as I was watching the movie as well. It was a good movie. Just what I needed.

I think I’ll end this weird and random post here.



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