Pinterest mum- Not me!

Lately I’ve been hearing all about being a Pinterest mum. How everything is so perfect and these mums are so organised and have it all down pat. Well my god I wish I was one of them. 

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Honestly those mum can do arts and crafts ( I suck!!) organise their homes, have fun actives for their children to do and also take cool photos. I wish that I could organise like them, have a home that is neat and tidy, just so I know where everything is. BUT  its not me. I stuck at art and crafts. I’ll be that parent that trying to help out with art projects or homework and it will just look worse then when we started. 

I’ve tried it. I have boards and boards on my Pinterest that I would love to do with the twins or organise my house in a certain way. It only last about 10 mins and then I just give up. I mostly know where the crap is in my house, (anyone want to come organise my house for me??) there is mess but hay its mainly in the twins room (just no photos please) and my art and crafts well unless I sit down and actually try maybe for 4 plus hours I might get there. 

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Who can do the above because I can’t! 

I think tho I put too much pressure on myself. I want to be that mum that can cook really well (I’m learning this one), be arts and crafty, organise and have my lists and actually stop procrastinating. But I just cant seem to get there. Maybe one day! possible by the twins are grown up I’ll have gotten there!

I really do admire those mums that can do it all and look so at easy when I’m siting here wanting to rip my hair out because the twins are fighting.  Hopefully I’ll at least get the organisation part worked out soon.. I have a family calendar on the wall. My kiki.k planner for the twins and myself, which has tones of space for to-do list and extras. Then I’ve decided to get a planner called passion planner for myself to help organise my uni work, blogging and housework. hoping being able to write stuff down a few time might actually make me remember things!!! 

But if you feel like it head to my Pinterest page –

Hopefully you might find something that helps you out of it.


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