I was asked if I wanted to be apart of a trying  a new app for iPhone which produces photo books that you are able to make on you phone.

I found it amazing, no having to download new software for my computer anymore and I  could find all my photos quickly  as they are mostly on my phone anyway. It was also very easy to use and understand.


This is how i received  the book, I loved the fact it comes with a cover. It’s a great idea and the side is also labeled so when you put it away you can see the name of the book. Huge points from me for that one :).




It came out perfect and makes the iPhone photos look amazing.

I gave my book to my sister for her 25th and she loved it :).

Well and truly in love with this app. A must have for iPhone users and also people who love photo books.

Also postage was great, came from the US and received within a week!

I can offer you a little discount of 50% off when you order you book and use the code KNWXV


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