Over due update

Wow where to begin. It been a while since my last post although Instagram is well a truly up to date.

First off, I have decided to do a bachelors degree in Emergency Management. Its going to to be a challenge and I am already struggling a bit but i need to work on my time management more.

The twins have grow up over the last month like no tomorrow. James is so much taller now and nearly out of most of his clothes. Izzy is just her normal self but with an adult vocabulary.

Also we have had a fair few adventures and doing work around the house.

One weekend we build our garden around our deck.








That was a good day, Thankfully it was sunny and hardly rained. This will also stop our puppy dogs from digging out.

We have been relaxing and enjoying the house being fully finished. Also I have met a new partner which is great and the twins like him too so thats a bonus.

And apart from all that I have the SES to run and work out stuff with. That is like a job. But i am enjoying it all.

Anyway I am recommitting myself to give all you wonderful people who read this blog more content and time.

If anyone would like to write a post or share a story with readers I would be happy to look and it and see if it fit my blog and post it 🙂

Have a great week ahead.


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