Our weekend

Yes this post is coming to you on a Wednesday but I have been having a few WordPress issues all fixed now 🙂

Our weekend was good once we got past Saturday morning. The twins had to spent so time with their father. But afterwards our weekend was good. I had to work Saturday night and when I finish and arrived home James woke up with some gastro always fun and no sleep for this mummy. But thankfully when Sunday arrived he had slept it off and was feeling better, he lacked energy but not enough to miss out in enjoying some sun shine and going for a bike ride.

image image image


The little miss loved the fact that Cruze could be tied onto her bike and he would run with her while she was riding. He also helped pull her up a hill when she got tired. Such a fantastic dog.

We also got to meet my partners dog. She is a gorgeous rot wheeler. All the dogs got along well!

image image


Xena is also great with the twins and they love her!

By the time Sunday night rolled around everyone was stuffed and ready to start the week off.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy some sun shine and have a relaxing weekend at home.


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