Our weekend ( so far) 

It’s Sunday morning and we are on our way to healesville sanctuary, a place full of Australian wide life! The twins and I are so excited :). So on the drive I thought I’d send out a little post about our weekend so far. 

Friday night was a very relax night, dinner was quick and easy. And kids went to bed no worries. 

Saturday James heading off early in the morning with his grandma to the butchers to get all the food for today. He then went to his grandmas work till early afternoon. Which he loved! 

Izzy and I did our weekly shop. 


And then headed home for a quick fun time before we went and picked James up. 

Mine and izzy shopping time is always fun. We decided to go into best and less to see what clothes was there for the twins. Izzy was very helpful and loves picking out her clothes so a huge amount went on lay by and a new jumper and pants where brought for each kid. 🙂

And then I went and got some new tops for myself. 


Plus the pants izzy wanted to wear right away and a jumper I wanted to wear. 

Our afternoon was ful of cleaning, jumping on the trampoline and James cleaning out our new loung room. That little man has it all down pat!  




Followed by a night of cooking and getting ready for a party at the zoo. Plus some amazing play doh playing 🙂 


Oh and I was writing and up loading the twins birthday  photos but I got and SES call and once I got home I was too tired so that will have to wait again. 

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 


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