Our weekend #2

Happy Tuesday!

I’m a day late for this post but it was actually a big weekend so I took yesterday to recover and rest as I also have a cold and felt poorly.

Incase you didn’t realise I actually took a break from posting photos on instagram over the weekend. I still checked social media but just quickly and stayed off it most of the weekend. Which was super nice!

Saturday was a lazy morning of just chilling at the house and doing house work. Then just after lunch we headed out for a drive to go feel the bush pig up and have lunch. A special treat of McDonald’s! I know bad right but well it’s not going to kill us.

Then we headed out to our friends farm! The run a dairy farm, have horses, a goat and three dogs plus some cats.

They also had a cow named chicken! She is a special cow who actually loves to be pated!

We stayed out there for hours. The twins got to see the cows getting milked. James had so many questions about the milking it was very funny.

But I think the funniest part of would been James trying to jump over a puddle and actually falling into the puddle. They both got covered in mud as Izzy also step in a big mud pit.


It was such a nice day as well.

I decided I couldn’t be bothered to cook so we went out for dinner. It was nice but super busy for a Sunday night. They twins where so good seeing as they had been out all day and then went for dinner, so I gave them a special treat of Ice-Cream once home. Super excited twins I had.


Sunday was a big day. Kevin and I had to get up at 5:30 AM to drive to an SES course. IT was on Road Crash Rescue.

Great course and fun to meet new people and also see people from other units I haven’t seen in ages. Thankfully the weather held out as well and stayed drive. The course was over 2 hours away so a full on day of traveling and then participating in the course.

I really enjoy RCR. So I really liked improving my skills and learning new things.

BUT, I was feeling poorly all day. Hate having a cold and being sick but I always seem to push through it.

I missed the twins tho…. But glad to do something for myself.

This weekend was great. I didn’t do Sunday meal prep as I start I Quit Sugar 8 week program on Thursday. Super excited and ready for this.   So look forward to seeing many photos of food on Instagram.  As well as hearing about how I getting on.



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