Our Sunday at the zoo

Our day at the zoo was amazing. The twins had a ball and saw lots of Australian animals. 



We where also lucky enough to be joined by some cousins who have been travelling around Australian, 



All the kids loved the bird show and James who was sitting front and centre with his couisin got to get close to an eagle; 



We had one hiccup tho, unfortunately James was stung by a wasp but he was such a brave boy! I couldn’t believe it. Any child should scream and cry I know I would. I absolute hate them but James handled so well and only cried for a bit then put ice on it, soon he didn’t even notice it was there. Was such a proud mummy moment for me. 

Was such a wonderful birthday party for the twins and a great day out ! 

Plus we can’t forget grand grandma got izzy a hole heap of frozen stuff, dress hat and handbag 🙂  

And James got 3 new trucks- 




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