It’s offically December

Happy  December everyone! Well it nearly time to say Merry Christmas. I love this time of year, it’s amazing. The feeling of the lights, the trees, the warm weather. The kids being happy and waiting for Santa, the kids that scream at Santa 🙂

i also love been able to get out the Christmas stories and Christmas movies. Today I read a couple of short stories to the twins.



James loved it. He picked out Santa and all the elfs. It’s was one book he sat and listened too and wanted more. Izzy also loved it but she just loves her books.

I have so many things I want to do with the twins this Christmas because finally they are 3 1/2 and understand what Christmas is! And this year we also get to go to Santa magical Kingdom. Not too sure what it is but I know it will be amazing and the kids will be in heaven, just not sure how izzy will cope with seeing Santa as she screams every time.

But this year December is also  a bit sad. The twins finished their first year at 3 year old kinder in a couple of weeks. This Wednesday is their kinder Christmas party. Which is very sad! They are getting so old. I can’t belive this is their 4th Christmas ( 1 was in my belly tho but still ). I’m so excited but so sad!


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  1. Well hello mummyoftwins! From mummyofboygirltwins! I wish I had chosen that name – it’s hard work typing mine out all day!!! Your blog looks great. I too love the build up to Christmas and like you am excited!! Not long to go! Hope you enjoy it all. Jess xx

    1. Thank you for being my first comment on a post!!!! 🙂 I’m glad my name was still avaible I think this is long enough to type out! Thanks for coming to my blog 🙂

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