Wow where has time gone! We are now in October… Only 3 months to christmas and that is scary.

This October marks the start of the last term of 3/4 year old kinder for the twins and that is a scary/sad thought for me. I keep thinking about how they are 5 next year and boy does that just want to make me cry! They will be at kinder 3 days a week and day care 1. Such an exciting and scary time.

The start of this month has been great, the weather has been fantastic and i mean wow 30 degrees already for the first few days. The sun is shining, twins are as happy as anything and day light saving has just started.



This has been a great start to the last 3 months of the year.

It’s now time to start planning for christmas and the end of the year. Do some more spring cleaning and plan for next year. Im really trying to get on top of things for next year and plan for everything. Make more let and also make more time for me! We will see how I go with that one tho!

Hope everyone is enjoy the last 3 months of the year like we are 🙂



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