New Year..

Happy New Year.

Well yes it may be the 7th of January when I’m writing this but Ive been trying to write this post for ages. This blog has been my baby for over a year now, but the last few months of last year I lost momentum with it. I couldn’t find my voice! I lost ideas for posts and found it difficult to write about the stuff that interests me. But this year I’m leaving that all be hide, If no one reads this blog well thats fine with me.I still have my voice and if people like it they will read what I have to say if not well close down this webpage and search for something else.

I started this blog for myself. To voice my options and tell the world what me and the twins are up to and their progression in this world.

This year I will focus on of course the twins, the fact i have found my spirit junkie vibe (will explain in a separate  post), the fun adventures we go on and the lifestyle we surround ourselves with. Possible a bit of home decor as I am loving finding and putting on my dream board of thing I wish I could have in my house.

I’m excited to go on this journey this year and see where the blog and I end up at the end of 2016. If you didn’t know I’m a huge Instagram fan, always posting on it so that is another way to find out our journey.

I hope you will enjoy going on this journey with me.


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