New stationary and journal

I have a little addiction with buying books, notebook and journals as well as other bits of stationary. Its a bad habit but i can’t help it. Everything is just so cute and loveable. Its like they call my name and I just have to get it.

My first items was an order from Kiki.K


The first was a book called Want more energy? A little guide to help gain more energy in your life. It is a 10 step guide, very simple and easy to read and I love the gold bottom of the book.

It’s a great little 10 step book.

This paper book for everyday inspiration is filled with stickers, gift tags, note paper, card and lots of other little fun things to do. It’s amazing and I’m so in love with it.

I also order a couple of birthday cards and I have a few birthdays come up. So I can’t show those as those people might seen them.

That’s all I got from Kikki.K. And I’m super excited to order more soon. Its my new favourite store .

Next up was an order from a a site that has journals/planners. All different kinds, a dailygreatness journal, dailygreatness yoga journal and a daily greatness business journal.

I went for the yoga one as I want this to be just for my yoga progress and also I have a daily planner already so this is more about mindset and my yoga.

I absolutely love it! It asks some great questions each day  to really bring out you greatness and find out who you really are. It also really try’s to bring out being more mindful and looking after yourself.

It also has a 90 day check in. And at the end of each week there is a weekly check in. It also has a place on each day to write about how the yoga makes you feel. I think that’s a fantastic idea. There is a space to set monthly goals as well. I can’t wait to get into it and start working on my yoga. This journal was brought from Daily Greatness. Go check it out if you need a new journal.

I was also luckily enough to receive a gift my life/health coach to help me on my way to greatness and more energy.

It’s a cute little note book! I love it. I’m going to using it for my blog and writing all my note and ideas. As well as planning out the week with blog ideas. Im super excited. Im a collector of notebooks and love buying them.

That is all. Well its a lot. But hay I love it all and its all going to be used and enjoyed.

Until next time



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