New clothes and Body Image change

Lately I’ve been slowly upgrading my wardrobe. Clearing all the stuff I don’t wear or are keeping in the hopes ill like them again one day and wear them. IT feels really good to clear out my clothes.

So because I’ve been clearing out clothes, Ive been also buying new clothes to update the wardrobe and because who doesn’t like new clothes. Also just to be able to feel good in what I am wearing is fantastic. Ive brought a new cost, pants and some new tops. However in this post I won’t be showing the new tops as well they where in the wash. Lets just be honest here

Lately I’ve been feeling incredible good about my body. Is it weird to say I actually feel in love with my body. I appreciate every aspect of my body. Even the love handles and saggy skin around my belly. It just shows me that I’m human and well I had twins.

The feeling of loving my self even more make me feel extremely warm around my heart. It fills me up inside.

Body Image is a big thing these days. Celebs and magazines just show us what they want us to see and make people think thats how they should look. BUT everyone is different, every body is different and unique in their own way. And that is fine and how it should be.

Ive listen to so many podcast about body image, Katie Dalebout has some great podcast about it with some great guests which is were I’ve leant some great information. Also coaching has helped a lot as well.

Here are some of the new clothes I’ve brought.

I got this coat from Target, my mum and sister actually pick this up for me. I’m yet to wear it as its a lighter coat and I think it’s better for spring and autumn.

This coat is from Myer and I am completely in love with it. It’s super warm and comfy. The hood can come off as well which makes it better for me to be able to dress it up more as well.

The paints above are from jeans least. I decided to go for colours and different types of pants.

The top pair is a boyfriend type jean.

Second are a pair of pale pink jeans that are super comfy.

Third is a grey pair of leggings, I really likes this because I can dress them up or just put runners with them and still look great.

Forth is a pair of greenish jeans. They are super comfy and stretchy as well.

I’m completely happy with my new pants and coats and can’t wait to wear them out.

So to end this post I just want to remind everyone that it doesn’t matter how other people see you and judge you, it only matter on how to judge yourself. If you can get rid of the judgment of your self, then fanatic but that takes time and trust me I’m still learning that as well. I have my moment where i judge my self and how I look but then i just remind myself that I am love and that judging myself is not actually going to fit the problem. I also have this cute little quote out of Mastering You Mean Girl stuck to my mirror.

Have a fantastic weekend



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