Nearly Christmas time


While it might only be November, I have this weird thing about christmas. I absolutely love it. The tree, the lights, the feeling of watching christmas movies, the food. It all makes it that more special. If I could i would have the tree up all year round and have the lights up  as well.

This year with the kids a bit older they can understand more of what christmas means so I decided with everything else they have going on and have to deal with that we would set the tree up a bit earlier and decorate the house. Which i have found out i need more decorations for


The kids love it. Mr J just wants the house dark so he can see the light and look at them all day and the little miss just wants to walk around with her favourite decoration. I love that they are now able to understand what christmas means and also to enjoy it more.

They are getting very spoilt this year although i just found out they are expecting certain gifts from santa which i hadn’t asked him for… What am i going to do now?!

IMG_7499.JPGI can’t wait for  it to be December and some of the houses around us have their lights up and the kids can see go christmas light looking. We are also doing something  a little bit different this year and going to Santas magical kingdom. I can’t wait, i haven’t told the kids because they will be asking to go every single day!

Nearly time to say happy christmas and the end of each post!





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